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Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Google+ are effectively ‘online social platforms' where people converse, share news, photos, ideas, work projects etc how does it work for B2B ?

Then we have Blogs - online ‘diary style' platforms where people can share their views, news, ideas and advice about something they are passionate about. Businesses have blogs, people have blogs - it's a way to communicate what's happening, how you feel about things, provide advice, grow authority and share.

The objective is to get people interested and engaged by providing authentic, transparent and relevant and compelling information. And hopefully, those that engage with what you are talking about - will tell others - and so they will ‘follow' your musings, subscribe to your blog - growing brand awareness, positive word of mouth - and share of mind.

Social media platforms enable a ‘conversation’ with people you may not have been able to reach before. It has an amazing power to enable communications to go viral - and engage audiences in conversations about services, products, issues, the company and brand - connecting a vast amount of likeminded people in an often targeted and purposeful way. The immediacy of the platform is also attractive. Take a look at the short recent case study – highlighting both targeting, and immediacy.

Team member

Hannah Bailey
For over 13 years has developed and executed numerous successful digital marketing and social media projects for clients in new and effective ways.

Case Studies

We managed the roll out of a large pan European aftersales program for Ford Europe. Key objectives were to ensure pan European appeal and consistency throughout 21 markets and 23 languages.

Over the past eight years we've managed the PR strategy and been an integral part of the overall marketing team.