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Digital Strategy

Without having a clear goal, how can you measure the success of all your online efforts?

Putting a plan in place for your online marketing activities is often overlooked as companies focus on the individual media channels like SEO, Social Media, Adwords and Email marketing. At HLB Creative we take a tactical approach to your online business. We work with our clients to identify the most appropriate and effective routes for your business to succeed and engage with their online audience. We integrate it with your offline marketing strategy to ensure that the message and brand is consistent across all platforms.  

Using our strategic expertise combined with the most up to date market and industry specific research, we formulate a plan outlining our recommendations for the most effective and most relevant online solutions, entirely focusing on your business objectives. With this plan your company can then execute cost-effective integrated online marketing campaigns that target your audience through multiple marketing channels.

Team member

Hannah Bailey, Digital Marketing Buckinghamshire

Hannah Bailey
For over 13 years has developed and executed numerous successful digital marketing and social media projects for clients in new and effective ways.

Case Studies

Milton Keynes Marketing Agency

We managed the roll out of a large pan European aftersales program for Ford Europe. Key objectives were to ensure pan European appeal and consistency throughout 21 markets and 23 languages.

Milton Keynes PR Agency

Over the past eight years we've managed the PR strategy and been an integral part of the overall marketing team.